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Public Server III

Public Server III (a.k.a. PSIII) was the third public white-listed server owned by Accidental Games to give fans of Gamemode 4 a vanilla survival server to play with the many command-block modules (a list is provided below). The server was officially opened on May 21st 2016 and closed on August 31st 2017.

Although the server was public, players needed to apply via application form to be white-listed.



PSIII contained 5 main towns that were connected only by teleporters or to travel very large distances between them. The 5 official towns listed below were developed over time by the players who live in the towns. Other towns exist in the world, which are entirely constructed by the players.

Installed ModulesEdit


Official TownsEdit

Below is a list of the spawn towns of PSIII. Upon joining the server for the first time, the player would be assigned a random spawn town.

Town Nickname Biome X-Coordinate Z-Coordinate
Mega Taiga Taiga Mega Taiga -1200 1000
Savanna Sav Savanna -4000 -4000
Mushroom Island Mush Mushroom Island 2800 2800
Jungle Jung Jungle 800 -2800
Extreme Hills ExHills Extreme Hills -5000 4600

Player TownsEdit

Below is a list of of the known player towns on PSIII. A town could be established by any player but needed at least four players to be a part of it.

Town Name Description
Ald Haven Ald Haven was located in a custom mesa biome, which featured a canyon and a river flowing through it, creating some waterfalls along the way
Perron II Perron was a town located in the oceans west from spawn. , itfeatured a huge custom arch of the terrain with countless homes stretching across.

Significant Dates and MomentsEdit

Date Moment
29 Apr 2016 Server III announced by a trailer on Accidental Game's Youtube channel.
21 May 2016 Server III opened.
16 Aug 2016 Dragon Fight event on Server III.
30 Sep 2016 Beginning of the 2-day event, Games of Olympics.
29 Oct 2016 The Halloween Event starts. Ended on 30 Oct 2016
17 Apr 2017 Easter Event took place
21 May 2017 Public Server III's 1st birthday. All players who logged in received a birthday cake trophy.
08 Aug 2017 Server Closing Announced
26 Aug 2017 Live-streamed Server Tour Part 1
27 Aug 2017 Live-streamed Server Tour Part 2
31 Aug 2017 Server Closed


  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 Decomposing Horses, One Player Sleeping, and PSIII Teleporters were server exclusive modules and not released to the public.