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Public Server 6 Custom Trees
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Module TypeStand Alone
Created byBluePsychoRanger and misode
Compatible MC Versions1.15

This module adds the ability to obtain custom saplings and the ability to grow the custom trees that were pre-generated on Public Server 6.


Custom tree saplings can be obtained from the leaf blocks of all normal tree leaves. The sapling obtained is dependent on the biome the leaves are in. The drop chance column displays the chance that a custom sapling is dropped instead of a normal sapling.

Leaf Source Biome Sapling Drop Chance
Birch Leaves Birch Forest Aspen 10%
Taiga Elm 10%
Taiga Mountains Dawn Redwood 10%
Dark Oak Leaves Stone Shore Swamp Tupelo 10%
Swamp Hills 10%
Jungle Leaves Jungle or
Modified Jungle
Kapok 9.1%
Tamarind 9.1%
Oak Leaves Birch Forest Aspen 10%
Forest Black Maple 10%
Dark Forest Hills Black Locust 10%
Birch Forest Hills 9.1%
Japanese Black Pine 9.1%
Wooded Mountains 10%
Jungle Hills Cork Oak 10%
Taiga Basswood 9.1%
Elm 9.1%
Taiga Mountains Hawthorn 10%
Spruce Leaves Birch Forest Hills Black Locust 10%
Dark Forest Hills 10%
Snowy Taiga Pine 10%
Taiga Mountains 9.1%
Dawn Redwood 9.1%
Taiga Longleaf Pine 10%
Taiga Hills Scots Pine 10%

Additional Requirements

Kapok and Tamarind saplings need to be in a 2x2 configuration in order to grow.


Custom trees cannot be cut down using Arborenda. Custom trees are created using wood blocks, but the Arborenda Shamir only breaks log blocks.

Custom trees cannot be planted using Podzol Rooting Soil. The sapling ends up being planted as the normal vanilla variant.


Version Date Change
1.15 27 June 2020 Released on Public Server 6