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Cooler Caves
Cooler caves.png
Module TypeExpansion
Created bySparks
Last Updated byMisode
Required ModulesOrbis
Complementary ModulesDangerous Dungeons, Tower Structures
Compatible MC Versions1.13

This module modifies the caves and terrain of some biomes.


Terrain of Desert, Ocean, Mesa, and Snowy biomes are modified in the following ways.

Biome(s) Terrain Changes
  • All stone types generate as sandstone
  • Gravel generates as sand
  • Mineshafts are generated with birch and dark oak wood instead of oak
  • All air in caves generates as water
  • Grass in caves generates as sea grass
  • Mineshafts are generated with prismarine blocks
  • Cob webs are replaced by sea lanterns
  • All stone types generate as terracotta and terracotta variants based on the layer
  • Gravel generates as red sand
Ice Plains,

Snowy Taiga,

Ice Spike Plains

  • Smooth stone and grass blocks generate as snow
  • Dirt and granite generate as packed ice
  • Diorite generates as blue ice
  • Andesite generates as ice
  • Sand generates as white concrete powder
  • Lava generates as water
  • Grass and flowers are replaced by thicker snow layers

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Version Date Change
1.8 13 Jun 2015 Released Cooler Caves
1.13 04 Apr 2019 Updated for 1.13 data packs
Added ocean biome modifications
Changes to mineshaft generation