Orb of Ankou

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Orb of Ankou
Orb of Ankou.svg

Module TypeReliant
Created byBluePsychoRanger
Required ModulesMetallurgy, Custom Crafters
Compatible MC Versions1.15

This module adds the ability to store certain effects from mobs and apply onto the player.


Orb of Ankou adds the Corripio Shamir to obtain soul essence from mobs. Soul essence gathered from mobs contain a Pneuma which gives effects to Soul Shards and Orbs of Ankou. The effects are only applied when a Soul Shard or Orb of Ankou is in the player's offhand.

Soul Forge

Lighting a Soul Forge with flint and steel

A Soul Forge is created by placing 8 obsidian around a soul fire in the nether.[1] Any ritual performed using the Soul Forge consumes all items and spawns spirits which when killed drop the ritual resulting item.

Creating Soul Shards

Soul Shards are created in by throwing 13 Soul Essence into a Soul Forge with 1-64 glowstone dust and 1-64 blaze powder.[2] Extinguishing the flame in the Soul Forge will reveal a Soul Shard. Holding a Soul Shard in your offhand gives the player the listed effect.

Crafting an Orb of Ankou

Custom Crafter

Fusing Pneumas

Pneumas can be fused with an Orb of Ankou by throwing 3-16 ghast tears[3], a Soul Shard, and the Orb of Ankou into a Soul Forge. Once this is done, particles will appear in a 13x13 area around the forge. The player must place wither roses where the particles are in order for the forge to consume its power and transform the wither rose into a lily of the valley. After it has transformed 3-16 wither roses[4], the ritual will be complete. Extinguish the flames to obtain the Orb with a newly applied Pneuma.


Any extraneous items used in a Soul Forge ritual are transformed into spirits. Excess consumed wither roses will produce a Withering area of effect cloud.

Spirit Item Details
Fiery Sprite Blaze Powder

or Glowstone

A flaming, invisible baby zombie with enchanted golden leggings.
Wandering Tear Ghast Tear An invisible, glowing vex.
Severed Soul Any Soul Essence ritual An endermite. Any excess Soul Essence used in the ritual will spawn Severed Souls that can be killed to reclaim unused Soul Essences.
Possessed Soul Shard Soul Shard Ritual A bat that drops a Soul Shard.
Congealed Soul Shard Soul Shard ingredient or

Failed Soul Shard Ritual

Living Orb Extra Orb of Ankou A silverfish that drops an Orb of Ankou. A Living Orb will spawn if more than a single Orb of Ankou is used for a ritual.


Soul Shards contain a "Pneuma" with an effect a -20% attack damage when held.

Pneuma Effect Technical Details
Aggressive When the player takes damage they will receive the Strength II effect for 2 seconds.
Agile Prevents the player from taking fall damage.
Anchoring Grants the player +0.9 Knockback resistance.
Bounding When the player holds shift they will charge up their jump. The next time they jump they will receive a jump boost effect based on how long they held shift.
Bubbly When the player enters water they receive the water breathing effect for 2 minutes. This timer will be reset when the player exits the water.
Conjuring When the player holds shift, they will charge up the Evoker's fang summoning attack, which is is cast upon release. The range of the attack depends on how long the shift key was pressed.
Enduring Gives the player +8 max health at the cost of -20% speed.
Expeditious When the player holds down shift they will hear a clicking noise every second that slowly gets higher pitched. Upon releasing shift they will be teleported to a random spot in the surrounding area, similar to a chorus fruit.
Gazing When the player holds shift they receive the night vision effect for 30 seconds. .
Gliding When the player is in water they will receive the Dolphins Grace effect.
Incombustible If the player takes fire damage they will be given fire resistance for 15 seconds.
Lifeless When the player is effected with a harming potion the effect will be reversed.
Phasing Holding shift for a second allows the player to walk through 1-block wide walls. Blocks such as carpets on the other side will block this ability. Letting go of shift causes the effect to trigger faster. The key must be released between uses.
Pricking The item has Thorns V.
Retreating When the player takes damage, they will receive Speed III for 3 seconds.
Rushing When the player holds down shift they will hear a clicking noise every second that slowly gets higher pitched. Upon releasing shift they will get a differing speed boost. 1 - 3 Clicks = Speed 1 for 3 Seconds

4 - 6 Clicks = Speed 1 for 6 Seconds

7 - 11 Clicks = Speed 2 for 3 Seconds

12 - ? Clicks = Speed 2 for 6 Seconds

Soaring While flying with the elytra you can look upward to slowly ascend.
Venomous Hitting a Mob / Player will apply the poison effect to them for 6 seconds.
Volatile When the player is on low health and receive damage they explode.
Withering Hitting a Mob / Player will apply the withering effect to them for 8 seconds.


Advancement Description Requirement
A Small Price to Pay... Obtain a mob's soul Get a Soul Essence from a mob using a sword with the Corripio Shamir
A Dangerous Magic Light a Soul Forge Use a flint and steel on soul sand with a ring of obsidian above it
Was It Worth the Sacrifice? Forge a Soul Shard Have a Soul Shard in your inventory
I Believe I Can Fly! Fly with the Soaring Pneuma Use the pneuma to fly upward with the elytra
Heavy Artillery Few have wielded this much power Hold all 32 pneumas atleast once
We're Full Here... Max out an Orb of Ankou Create an Orb of Ankou that holds 4 pneumas


Version Date Change
1.15 28 June 2020 Beta released on Public Server 6
Soul Forges use a netherrack above the soul sand.
  1. Beta version uses a fire on netherrack above soul sand, as soul fire is not implemented in 1.15.
  2. On PS6, 55 glowstone and 39 blaze powder are needed.
  3. On PS6, 8 ghast tears are needed.
  4. On PS6, 14 wither roses need to be consumed