Orb of Ankou

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Orb of Ankou
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Module TypeReliant
Created byBluePsychoRanger
Required ModulesMetallurgy
Compatible MC Versions1.15


Step 1:Make the Shamir: Corripio Shamir

Step 2: Kill things, get soul essence (13 per shard)

Step 3: make soul forge in the nether by making ring of 8 obsidian, fire in middle, netherrack under fire, soul sand under netherrack

Step 4: make shard by throwing 13 soul essence (probably of same type) into soul forge, somewhere between 1 and 64 glowstone dust and blaze powder (64 works but summons mobs, will figure out actual numbers later) and then break the fire to get a shard, which you put into offhand to get the pneuma (special effect)

Step 5: to use more than one pneuma, they must be smashed into an Orb Of Ankou. To get one, use a custom crafter

Step 6: To combine the soul and orb, throw the orb and soul into the soul forge, along with 8* (double check later) ghast tears. Afterwards, place down a lot of wither roses on the ground and eventually some will turn into lilies of the valley. After some amount (amount unknown, like 32 should be safe for now) have turned, break the fire and your orb and shard shall be one. This creates a wither aec

Custom Crafter


Advancement Description Requirement
A Small Price to Pay... Obtain a mob's soul Get a Soul Essence from a mob using a sword with the Corripio Shamir
A Dangerous Magic Light a Soul Forge Use a flint and steel on soul sand with a ring of obsidian above it
Was It Worth the Sacrifice? Forge a soul shard
I Believe I Can Fly! Fly with the soaring pneuma
We're Full Here... Max out an Orb of Ankou


Version Date Change
1.15 28 June 2020 Beta released on Public Server 6