Orb of Ankou

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Orb of Ankou
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Module TypeReliant
Created byBluePsychoRanger
Required ModulesMetallurgy
Compatible MC Versions1.15


Step 1:Make the Shamir: Copper Step 2: Kill things, get soul essence (13 per shard) ( Step 3: make soul forge in the nether by making ring of 8 obsidian, fire in middle, netherrack under fire, soul sand under netherrack Step 4: make shard by throwing 13 soul essence (probably of same type) into soul forge, somewhere between 1 and 64 glowstone dust and blaze powder (64 works but summons mobs, will figure out actual numbers later) and then break the fire to get a shard, which you put into offhand to get the pneuma (special effect) Step 5: to use more than one pneuma, they must be smashed into an Orb Of Ankou. To get one, use a custom crafter

Custom Crafter


Advancement Description Requirement
A Small Price to Pay... Obtain a mob's soul Get a Soul Essence from a mob using a sword with the Corripio Shamir
A Dangerous Magic Light a Soul Forge Use a flint and steel on soul sand with a ring of obsidian above it
Was It Worth the Sacrifice? Forge a soul shard
I Believe I Can Fly! Fly with the soaring pneuma
We're Full Here... Max out an Orb of Ankou


Version Date Change
1.15 28 June 2020 Beta released on Public Server 6