Mysterious Midnights/Harvest Moons

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Harvest Moons
Mysterious midnights.png
Module TypeExpansion
Created byBloo
Required ModulesMysterious Midnights
Compatible MC Versions1.13+

This module causes the random tick speed of the world to increase. This module is pre-packaged with the Mysterious Midnights base module.


During this Mysterious Midnights event, the random tick speed of the world is increased. Random tick speed affects crop growth, vine spreading, grass spreading, fire spreading/burning out, ice/snow layer melting, leaf decay, farmland hydration/dehydration, nether portal pigman spawning, and turtle egg cracking/hatching. This module is an uncommon event.

Technical Details

Random tick speed is increased to 60 (default is 3). This is an increase of 20x. At the end of the night, the random tick speed will drop back down to 3.

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Version Date Change
1.13 06 Apr 2019 Released Harvest Moons