Scale mountains and cross fields of snow with ease! Climb steep slopes with Crampons and descend into valleys on Skis, perhaps with a jump on the way.


Module TypeStand Alone
Created byfoodiebonus
Compatible MC Versions1.20+



Crampons allow for vertical walls to be climbed. Facing a wall of a stone-based block while wearing crampons and having both hands free will permit two blocks to be climbed with one jump. After jumping, you will stay connected to the wall, so long as you do not move away from it. You can continue jumping to climb larger walls. If you remain still while climbing for over seven seconds, you will lose your grip and fall down.


Use Skis to descend hills quickly and safely; your speed depends on the slope gradient. While standing on snowy blocks, you will be given a speed boost (1.3x normal speed). The speed boost increases if you travel downhill. Your vertical velocity is tracked over consecutive 16-tick periods to determine whether you travel downhill. If your vertical velocity is 2 blocks downhill, your speed multiplier increases by 0.175 for 10 seconds; this can be maintained by keeping a vertical velocity of 1 block downhill. Further boosts are available for steep downhill skiing: your speed multiplier increases by 0.175 for 10 seconds if your vertical velocity is 7 blocks downhill (5 if holding Poles). To maintain this speed boost, your vertical velocity must be maintained at 5 blocks downhill (3 if holding Poles). One second of speed boost will be taken away whenever you travel uphill. If you walk on non-snowy blocks, your speed multiplier falls to 0.8x normal speed.

Ski Poles

Hold a Ski Pole in each hand to gain jump boost effects; best paired with Skis, a jump boost effect is given if going up a short ramp. In addition, you will not need to travel downhill as quickly to gain the highest speed boost if holding Ski Poles.


Crampons, Skis, and Ski Poles can be each be crafted using Custom Crafters using the following recipes, respectively:


Advancement Requirement
Piste de Résistance
Get yourself a pair of skis
Hold skis in your inventory
Ski ya Later!
Reach the highest speed boost while skiing
Gain the maximum possible speed boost from skis

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Version Date Change
1.20 6 Sep 2023 Released Mountaineering