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This module is currently unreleased to the public. However is in beta on the public server.

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Module TypeBase
Created byBloo, Sparks, SpecialBuilder32
Compatible MC Versionsunreleased

This module adds the ability to create custom armor enchantments.


Metallurgy adds new custom ores, obsidian casts, and enchantments called shamirs.

Custom Ores

Custom ores can be found within different types of stone. To uncover custom ores, a TNT blast is needed. After the blast, a few lumps of metal will be present in the area blown up. The following ores can be found in each of the listed types of stone:

  • Andesite -> Bauxite (Contains Aluminum)
  • Smooth Stone -> Malachite (Contains Copper)
  • Diorite -> Thorianite (Contains Thorium)
  • Granite -> Baryte (Contains Barium)

When a thorianite lump is in the inventory, the player will experience a mining fatigue effect.


Molds are created in a sand block. Obsidian and clay are needed to create a mold in the sand. Drop one of each onto a sand block, and a mold will be created. Molds can be heated up using a lava block on top of it. A heated mold will gradually cool down if there is no lava block above it. The longer a lava block is above the mold, the longer it takes to completely cool down. If a mold is heated for too long, it will break and disappear. Destroying the sand block will destroy the mold as well.

Casting Metals

Obsidian casts can be created in a mold. If done incorrectly, a cast will be produced with a Mundane Band, which is completely useless. To correctly cast a metal follow these steps:

  1. Create a mold using obsidian and clay
  2. Heat the mold with lava for about 30 seconds
  3. Remove the lava and drop about 12-14 custom ores into the mold one at a time
  4. Reheat the mold with lava for about 15 seconds
  5. Remove the lava and drop more custom ores one at a time until you have reached 23 in total
  6. Wait until the mold cools, and the cast will be released


Alloys are combinations of 2 different kinds of ores. These are always made in a ratio of 17 of one ore to 6 of another. Making an alloy is the same as making any other cast, but using the two different ores in the 17:6 ratio.

There are two type of alloys: Thorium Brass made with 17 Thorianite (Thorium) and 6 Malachite (Copper), and Barimium made with 17 Bauxite (Aluminum) and 6 Baryte (Barium).

Obsidian Casts

Obsidian casts have bands with the molded metal on it. If a metal is incorrectly casted, the cast produced will contain a Mundane Band. If correctly cast, the band on the metal will have a shamir. Mining a cast breaks the metal band on it; i.e. if an obsidian cast is placed on the ground, it will drop with a Mundane Band when mined.


An obsidian cast with a metal band will contain a shamir. A Shamir is essentially a custom enchantment. Each shamir can only be put onto specific items. Each Shamir can be found on a specific band. E.g. Sensus can only be found on a Barium Band.

Attaching Bands

To transfer the band off of the obsidian onto a tool or armour, place an anvil with a downwards facing piston two blocks above it, leaving a one block air gap between the anvil and piston. Throw the obsidian cast and desired item onto the anvil, then power the piston. The piston will remove the metal band from the obsidian and enchant the item.

Only one Shamir can be placed on a single item. When strapping metal bands to an item, the item will keep it's enchantments, name, and durability. Lore will not be kept.

Detaching Bands

To transfer an item's enchantment back to a cast, drop the tool/armor and a piece of obsidian (doesn't have to be an empty cast) on to the anvil, and power the piston. The piston will transfer the shamir from the item onto the obsidian.

Expansion Packs (Shamir Abilities)

Metallurgy is design with expansions and comes default with several listed below. Expansion packs add new functionality that work with the base system. This module supports additional expansion packs and additional packs can be created and submitted to GM4. Below is a list of shamirs and their abilities. To find what each shamir does in more detail, click the corresponding name in the table below.

Default Expansions

Metal Band Shamir Name Can Be Placed On Effect Limitation
Aluminium Defuse Armor Prevents creeper explosions The creeper can no longer ignite or explode naturally afterwards
Helios Armor Negates weighted armor by one slowness level Withering and levitation if not enough weight to hold you down
Levity Boots Sneak to hover; no fall damage after levitating Shot upwards if damaged; Bows will not work properly; Not infinite
Barium Arborenda Axes Chops all logs above the one broken by the player N/A
Sensus Compass Plays sounds from nearby ores N/A
Barimium Gemini Hoe Hold in the off hand when breeding animals to produce twins N/A
Musical Swords Grants strength I and plays music while killing mobs. With more kills, the music will become darker, and will grant strength II. Grants slowness at the same level as the strength bonus.
Copper Forterra Pickaxe Iron nuggets, gold nuggets, and redstone dust can drop from mined stone Cannot be combined with silk touch
Hypexperia Tools and Weapons Grants extra experience Cannot be combined with silk touch (mining with silk touch doesn't initially give exp)
Thorium Conduction Iron Sword Strikes blocks with lightning If not enough damage is dealt by the time the volt timer runs out, it will strike the user instead
Ender Bolt Sword and Trident Withers nearby mobs Cannot affect players, armour stands, or "non-living" entities
Thorium Brass Spiraculum Bucket Attracts mobs like a vacuum Cannot fill the bucket with liquid
Tinker Tools Converts certain items in your inventory from individual items to blocks (e.g. diamond -> diamond block) Cannot be placed onto an axe; items will only convert if in a stack of 64


Version Date Change
1.12 10 Nov 2017 Released Metallurgy on Gamemode 4D
1.13 17 May 2019 Beta released on Public Server V