Heart Canisters

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Heart Canisters
Heart canisters.png
Module TypeReliant
Created bySparks and SpiderRobotMan
Last Updated bySpecialBuilder32 and Misode
Required ModulesCustom Crafters
Compatible MC Versions1.15

This module adds craftable canisters that increase a player's health.


Heart Canisters are a custom item, craftable using a Custom Crafter. Heart Canisters increase the number of hearts a player has with each canister in a player's inventory increasing their maximum health by 2 hearts, up to a maximum of 20 additional hearts.

Two tiers of heart canisters are craftable with five of each are required for the maximum possible health. Tier 2 heart canisters require five tier 1 canisters also in the inventory to function. Heart canisters of the same type must be in the same inventory slot to provide the proper amount of health.

The heart canister item may be placed into the world as a block, and then broken again without losing it's health giving abilities.

Crafting Recipes

Item Ingredients Recipe (Custom Crafter)
Tier 1 Heart


Obsidian + Iron Block +

Diamond + Wither Skeleton Skull +

Blaze Rod

Tier 2 Heart


End Stone + End Crystal +

Diamond+ Heart Canister (Tier 1) +

Nether Star

Technical Details

Heart Canister textures were created by Jonpot

Due to a Minecraft bug with the health boost status effect, removing or adding a canister to a stack in the player's inventory will cause their health to go back to the original 10 hearts, and they will need to regenerate the extra hearts.

It is possible to pickup the player head item after placing and breaking it faster than the code reapplying custom data to the item. This causes the item to have no custom name, and not give any extra health. Throwing the item on the ground and picking it up after one second will correct this issue.


Advancement Description Requirement
Can't buy my love Craft a Tier 1 Heart Canister. Carry a tier 1 canister in your inventory
Love is all you need Craft a Tier 2 Heart Canister. Carry a tier 2 canister in your inventory
All My Loving Max out your Heart Canister health. Carry 5 of each tier canister in your inventory

Learn More and Download

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Version Date Change
1.8 21 Feb 2015 Released Heart Canisters
18 Apr 2015 Updated skull format for 1.8
1.12 10 Sep 2017 Updated for 1.12 command format
1.13 19 Nov 2018 Updated for 1.13 data packs
1.15 26 Dec 2019 Updated for 1.15 base module

Previous Versions

MC 1.8 Version

The MC 1.8 Versions did not have achievements. Additionally the recipes were cheaper in this version.

v1.0-1.1 Crafting

Item Ingredients Recipe (Custom Crafter)
Tier 1 Heart


4x Obsidian, 2x Diamond,

1x Enchanted Golden Apple, 2x Iron Block

Tier 2 Heart


4x End Stone, 1x Enchanted Golden Apple, 2x Diamond,

1x Heart Canister (Tier 1), 1x Nether Star

MC 1.12 Version

In the MC 1.12 version, the advancements were actually a simulated achievement, using tellraw to show the message. This has been transferred to advancements upon the release of the 1.13 version.