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The Winter Enderland Event, spread out over the month of December 2017, was the first major event of Gamemode 4D. The event was themed around saving a World Bender from the Ender Dragon and who threatened to unleash terror on the Overworld.


Winter End Island Build: SpecialBuilder32,ZombieOnTheBus,DragonEye3k,Jimmy(DrAwesome_Phd),SpiderRobotMan,TransportLayer

Winter End Island Parkour: DragonEye3k, Jimmy

Winter End Main Island and Story: ZombieOnTheBus, SpecialBuilder32

Dragon Trophy/ Corrupted Mandala Texture: DragonEye3k

Parkour Island

Opening the end portal to the main island fight, required players to complete a difficult parkour course.

Dragon Fight

To allow as many players as possible, Two fights per day were held at 5:00 PM and 10:00 PM GMT between the dates of December 14th and the 19th. To beat the Ender Dragon, players were required to destroy End Crystals above each Tower (Similar to the Vanilla Fight). However, during the fight, players were placed into Adventure Mode and had to kill specific mobs, which in turn dropped tools that could break each towers blocks. Rarely, some mobs also dropped snow that could be placed on obsidian to help aid ascension of the towers. Once all the crystals were destroyed, the dragon could be killed using only arrows.

Questioning the World Bender

After freeing the captive World Bender, each player had the opportunity to ask a question. The most asked question would be answered by the World Bender. Players asked a question by dropping a book and quill on a specified bookshelf in the End.

The World Bender answered the question about how to create a metallurgy cast and how to heat it, by leaving a clue at spawn. After, it returned to its post in the Overworld.


For Killing the Dragon, players were rewarded (on their first fight only) the Dragon Trophy; and after subsequent fights, a coal reward which could be traded in for a gift reward (such as sea lanterns) as well as a loot key. Players also received a loot voucher which gave a Christmas Loot Box - which could also be redeemed in the website.