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Upper Caves (AKA Mining World 1, Mining Dimension 1) is one of two cave dimensions in Gamemode 4D. In this dimension, iron, gold, and coal ore can be found, along with scattered mushrooms and mobs. When in this dimension, everything seems darker and void of color.


In Upper Caves, along with normal spawner dungeons, creeper spawners and mine shafts can be found within the caves. Dungeons with spawners regenerate the blocks surrounding the dungeon, making it difficult to create automatic farms. All hatched eggs in this dimension will spawn Chicken Jockeys opposed to only chickens.

The world is separated by a large gap of air, creating a bottom and top area. The gap starts at around Y=150 and ends at around Y=200.

Upper Caves is the only dimension in which Blast Furnaces, Standard Crafting, and Master Crafting work. It is also the only dimension in which blasting stone for Metallurgy ores is possible.

Items with the Conduction shamir will not work in this dimension.

Entering and Leaving

To discover the Upper Caves link, go to the very bottom of the Overworld (Y=41). After discovering the link, to enter Upper Caves, go to the bottom of the Overworld (Y=49 or lower) and use the Mandala. To go back to the Overworld, use the Mandala at the top Upper Caves (Y=200 or higher).

Linked Dimensions

Upper Caves is linked to 3 other dimensions. To travel to each one, use the Mandala in the locations below.

Dimension Link Location Particle Color
Overworld Above Y=199 Yellowish Green
Lower Caves Below Y=20 Black
Lush Anywhere Bright Green