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The Overworld (AKA Main World) is the main dimension and one of the five overworld dimensions of Gamemode 4D. The Overworld is not exactly the same as the normal vanilla overworld.


Players cannot access the Nether or the End directly through the Overworld. Coal is the only ore that will spawn, apart from emerald which spawns at the surface of Extreme Hills biomes. The bedrock layer of this dimension is flat and at at Y=40, instead of the vanilla Y=0-5 jagged bedrock floor. Villagers cannot exist in this dimension, and will immediately disappear.

The Overworld seems to be separated into large masses of land (possibly continents) and huge oceans.

In the Overworld, there is a spawn pad that serves as the server spawnpoint. If at any point a player dies, in any dimension, they will return to their bed if they have one, or the Overworld Spawn Pad if they do not have a bed. The Spawn Pad is located at -2858 68 -310.

Mysterious statues are scattered throughout the Overworld, and don't seem to have much purpose. These statues, known as World Benders cannot be broken, or built on. Upon trying to break or build on these statues, each one will say a phrase in chat. These phrases indicate that these statues may be gods that have created the Gamemode 4D Multi-dimensional world.

Entering and LeavingEdit

To first enter the Overworld, craft a Mandala and use it anywhere in Landings. There is no way of going back to Landings after reaching the Overworld.

Linked DimensionsEdit

The Overworld is linked to 2 other dimensions. To travel to each one, use the Mandala in the locations below.

Dimension Link Location Particle Color
Upper Caves Below Y=50 Gray
Aether Above Y=200 Aqua