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Mountains is one of the five discovered overworld dimensions in Gamemode 4D. It is an amplified terrain with many steep cliffs, tall mountains, and underground caves. There are also floating islands and massive overhangs of rock.


This dimension is one of the two dimensions where Villagers can be found. However, despite accepting emeralds for goods they sell, they will not buy players' items with emeralds (they instead pay with a single ender pearl). Villagers that are willing to trade emeralds can be found in Dark Forest.

Entering and Leaving

To discover the Mountains link, go to the very bottom of the Aether (Y=20). After discovering the link, to enter Mountains, go to the bottom of the Aether (Y=29 or lower) and use the Mandala. To go back to the Aether, use the Mandala at the top of Mountains (Y=161 or higher).

Linked Dimensions

Mountains is linked to 2 other dimensions. To travel to each one, use the Mandala at the locations below.

Dimension Link Location Particle Color
Aether Above Y=160 Aqua
Paths Anywhere Yellowish Green