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Landings is the first dimension players spawn in when they first join Gamemode 4D. The main purpose of this dimension is to feature as a tutorial world introducing newcomers to the inter-dimensional travel system, providing a book containing the Mysterious Note. It also serves well to prevent griefers from joining the server and destroying the main dimensions.


Players spawn with a book directed towards "Audrey" from an unknown author. The book describes a unique item capable of inter dimensional travel: The Mandala. On the last page, there is an cryptic crafting recipe for the Mandala.

Players are randomly spread throughout this dimension when they first join the server. Due to this, animals and resources are plentiful. However, there is a bedrock level at Y=40, so it is not possible to get any ores except for coal.

Entering and LeavingEdit

Once crafting the Mandala and using it in Landings, the player will be teleported to the Overworld Spawn Pad. There is no way to get back to Landings after teleporting to the Overworld.

Linked DimensionsEdit

Landings is linked to only 1 dimension. To travel to it, use the Mandala at the location below.

Dimension Link Location Particle Color
Overworld Anywhere Yellowish Green