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The Aether is the sky dimension in Gamemode 4D. In this dimension, ghasts and shulkers will spawn along with normal mobs. This dimension contains lapis, diamonds, gold, redstone, and iron. When in this dimension, everything has a cooler tint, looking a faint blue color.

Details[edit | edit source]

Shulkers and Ghasts can spawn in this dimension on any block (regardless of light level). Shulkers will spawn with a light blue shell, and drop will shulker shells. Ghasts will shoot fireballs at players, but will not damage blocks; the fireballs instead explode into a shower of flowers.

Ghasts have a special drop: Ghast Bags. Ghasts Bags allow you to levitate in the air while in the Aether, but will not prevent fall damage. Ghast Bags last infinitely as long as you are holding it, and can be used over and over again.

In addition to the large floating islands, there are smaller ones that have houses with lootable chests.

Spawn Mechanics[edit | edit source]

To spawn Shulkers and Ghasts, the game looks for the highest Y-value for a given x/z column for which there is a block below, and spawns Shulkers 1 block above that, and Ghasts 7 blocks above. Ghasts and Shulkers will spawn on any block (opaque or transparent), regardless of light level, except for liquids (water and lava). Because of this, mob spawning can be blocked by covering the highest Y-value with a layer of water or lava.

Structures[edit | edit source]

Aether Trap
Aether Fountain

Various structures spawn in the Aether.

There are small islands with houses that can contain: a bed, crafting table, furnace, a chest with some food and tools inside.

Small Quartz Structures mainly made of stairs and that has a chest inside, usually next to lava. The chest is empty but the structure can be pillaged to obtain quartz blocks.

The Aether Fountain, a small structure made of quartz with Redstone lamps and some water. This structure serves no use apart from other than being decorative.

Entering and Leaving[edit | edit source]

To discover the Aether link, go to the very top of the Overworld (Y=250). After discovering the link, to enter the Aether, go to the very top of the Overworld (Y=201 or higher) and use the Mandala. To go back to the Overworld, use the Mandala anywhere in the Aether.

Linked Dimensions[edit | edit source]

The Aether is linked to 3 other dimensions. To travel to each one, use the Mandala in the locations below.

Dimension Link Location Particle Color
Moon Above Y=240 Pinkish Gray
Overworld Anywhere Yellowish Green
Mountains Below Y=30 Dark Red