Enchantment Extractors

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Enchantment Extractors
Enchantment extractors.png
Module TypeStand Alone
Created byThe8BitMonkey
Last Updated bySpecialBuilder32 and Misode
Compatible MC Versions1.15

This module allows players to, with mixed success, transfer the enchantments on tools, weapons and armor onto enchanted books for reuse.


To extract an enchantment, the player must throw an enchanted item on top of an Enchantment Extractor. The enchantment will be removed from the item, but the item will not be deleted. There is a chance that the enchantment will be placed on a book inside the extractor.

If extraction fails, either a puff of smoke releases, or a "Congealed Enchantment" or "Living Enchantment" (vex) is spawned. A Congealed Enchantment will die after 5 seconds, but a Living Enchantment will stay alive until it is killed or naturally despawns.

No book is required for extraction; the Extractor creates the book if it successfully extracts an enchantment. Powerful Enchantments (Mending, Sharpness V, Power V, Silk Touch, Efficiency V, Looting III) have a 3% chance to be cursed with Curse of Vanishing when extracted.

Enchantment Extraction Process
Congealed Enchantment if Extraction Fails
Living Enchantment if Extraction Fails

Technical Details

There is a 70% chance that a puff of smoke is released when extraction fails. There is a 10% chance of spawning a Congealed Enchantment when extraction fails. There is a 10% chance of spawning a Living Enchantment when extraction fails. When the Enchantment Extractor is broken, all items used to craft it will be dropped.


To create an Enchantment Extractor, place down a dropper and insert the following recipe inside, then throw an enchanting table on top.


Enchantment extractor block model.png

Three step creation of an enchantment extractor

Extraction Success Rates

Below is a list of all Enchantments and their success rate of being extracted.

Enchantment Chance










Protection 95 80 65 50
Fire Protection 95 80 65 50
Blast Protection 95 80 65 50
Projectile Protection 95 80 65 50
Feather Falling 90 75 60 45
Respiration 75 59 30
Aqua Affinity 40
Thorns 70 55 35
Depth Strider 85 60 25
Frost Walker 30 10
Curse of Binding 10
Sharpness 95 70 60 50 30*
Bane of Arthropods 95 85 75 65 55
Knockback 75 45
Fire Aspect 85 35
Looting 70 55 40*
Sweeping Edge 70 50 30
Efficiency 95 85 75 60 20*
Silk Touch 10*
Fortune 80 30 5
Power 70 45 40 30 25*
Punch 80 50
Flame 15
Infinity 15
Luck of the Sea 80 60 40
Lure 75 65 35
Riptide 70 50 30
Loyalty 35 25 15
Channeling 20
Impaling 95 90 80 80
Piercing 90 70 50 30
Multishot 70
Quick Charge 80 60 40
Unbreaking 90 55 25
Curse of Vanishing 8
Mending 5*

*Has a 3% chance of having Curse of Vanishing when extracted


Advancement Description Requirement
Clever Enchanting Construct an Enchantment Extractor. Create an Enchantment Extractor
Magical Thief Successfully extract the mending enchantment

from a tool with an Enchantment Extractor.

Successfully extract an un-cursed mending book

Learn More and Download

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Version Date Change
1.8 26 May 2014 Released Enchantment Extractors
10 Jun 2015 Bug fixes for 1-click
1.12 17 Sept 2017 Overhauled for 1.12 command format
Added "Clever Enchanting" and "Magical Thief" achievements
Added a chance to spawn a vex if extraction fails
Added a chance to curse powerful enchantments
Breaking the extractor drops all items used to craft it
1.13 08 Dec 2018 Updated for 1.13 data packs
Added Trident Enchantments
1.14 12 Jul 2019 Added Crossbow Enchantments
1.15 11 Dec 2019 Updated for 1.15 base module

Previous Versions

MC 1.8 Version

The MC 1.8 Version did not have achievements. Additionally, there was no chance that a vex would spawn in this version; if the extraction fails, nothing happens. In this version, there is also no chance for powerful enchantments to be cursed. If the table is broken, only the enchanting table and dropper would be dropped.

MC 1.12 Version

In the MC 1.12 version, the advancements were actually a simulated achievement, using tellraw to show the message. This has been transferred to advancements upon the release of the 1.13 version.