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Desire Lines

This module causes player movement to form natural paths.

Desire Lines
Desire lines.png
Module TypeStand Alone
Created bySparks
Last Updated bySpecialBuilder32 and Misode
Complementary ModulesBoots of Ostara
Compatible MC Versions1.8+



Players walking or sprinting will randomly trample blocks. The trampling effect will only happen if the player is moving. Moving slowly will reduce the effect, and sneaking or walking while drawing a bow will remove the effect completely.

Grass blocks can convert to dirt blocks. Dirt blocks can convert to coarse dirt blocks. 2-deep snow layers can be trampled to 1-deep layers, which can be destroyed completely by the trampling effect. Flowers, 2-high flowers, grass, and mushrooms can also break if stepped on. Below is a list of all blocks that can be trampled.

Trampling dirt
Block Trampled Into
Grass Block Dirt
Dirt Coarse Dirt
2-Deep Snow Layer 1-Deep Snow Layer
Blocks That Get Destroyed
1-Deep Snow Layer
2-Tall Flowers
Small Flowers


If a player is wearing Boots of Ostara, the effects of desire lines will not happen. For crafting and other features of Boots of Ostara see the main module page.


Advancement Requirement
And I Would Walk 500 Chunks...
Ruin 8000 blocks to coarse dirt; you'll find those oak planks
Convert 8,000 blocks of dirt into coarse dirt
That's a Lot of Damage
Ruin 10000 blocks to coarse dirt; how about a little more?
Convert 10,000 blocks of dirt into coarse dirt

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Version Date Change
1.8 14 Sept 2014 Released Desire Lines
04 Jul 2015 Reduced lag
Allow breaking of double-tall plants
Implemented interaction with the Boots of Ostara module.
1.9 24 Oct 2016 Changes to breaking plants and wearing down snow layers
Sneaking now removes the desire lines effect
1.13 04 Apr 2019 Added "And I Would Walk 500 Chunks..." and "That's a Lot of Damage" advancements

Previous VersionsEdit

MC 1.8 VersionEdit

In MC 1.8 versions, snow layers could not be trampled. Additionally, flowers and plants would not be trampled; only double-tall plants would be affected in this version.