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Infinity Tool[edit | edit source]

It is possible to create an Unbreaking Diamond Pick with a +105 Attack Damage (regular Diamond Picks have 5 Attack Damage) along with the following hidden effects:

  • Fortune Level 30
  • Efficiency Level 30 (Increases Mining speed by ~1377%)
  • Looting Level 10 (+10 maximum loot drops, +10.5% chance of rare drops)
  • Bane of Arthropods Level 80 (+200 damage to Arthropods)
  • Smite Level 80 (+200 damage to undead mobs)
  • Sharpness Level 80 (+100 damage to all mobs)
  • Power Level 10 (No effect, as "Power" is a bow enchantment)
  • Unbreaking Level 10 (No effect, NBT tag "Unbreakable" is True)

The following raw materials are needed, making the tool impractical to craft without some sort of mob farm to collect materials for transmutation:

Infinity Tool Required Materials
Material Amount
Redstone 12288
Diamond 2334
Gold Ingot 3120
Stone 3072
Iron Ingot 192
Obsidian 3
Infinity Tool Crafting Chain
Name Ingredients Alchemical Crafter
Philosopher's Stone MkII Philosopher's Stone x4

Iron Ingot

Philosopher's Stone MkIII Philosopher's Stone MkII x4

Gold Ingot

Philosopher's Stone MkIV Philosopher's Stone MkIII x4


Error Philosopher's Stone MkIV x4


Infinity Tool Error x3

Obsidian x2