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Module TypeStand Alone
Created byDenniss
Compatible MC Versions1.14

This modules allows stair blocks to be turned into chairs for the player to sit on.


A chair can be created by throwing a saddle inside any type of stair block (on the lower part of the stair). Chairs can be sat on by right clicking them, and dismounted by sneaking. Breaking the stair block returns the saddle used to make it.

Technical Details

A chair is made sittable by an invisible pig with a saddle. Due to a minecraft bug, when holding a carrot on a stick the pig moves slightly randomly and can be rotated, but they are realigned when a player gets off the chair.


Advancement Description Requirement
A throne, fit for a king Throw a saddle on stairs to make a chair Be within 5 blocks of a chair being created
Couch Potato Sit for over an hour! Sit on a chair for a total time of 1 hour

Learn More and Download

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Version Date Change
1.13 04 Apr 2019 Released Chairs
1.14 10 May 2019 Updated Chairs