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Gamemode 4 adds a variety of new blocks as well as adds new functionality to existing Minecraft blocks.


Machines are custom blocks added by Gamemode 4 used for various functions such as crafting.

Block Brief Description
Beehive Produces Honey Combs and Honey Bowls
Compressor Turns a stack of items into a single compressed item
Custom Crafter Allows for crafting of custom Gamemode 4 items
Mastercraftman's Workbench Allows for optimized crafting of certain Minecraft items
Disassembler Deconstructs armour and tools
Ender Hopper Collects items in a 9x9 region around it
Liquid Tank Allows for the storage and redistribution of liquids such as water and potions
Tinkering Compressor An upgraded compressor which converts items into their block form

(e.g. 9 Iron Ingots -> 1 Iron Block)

Trapped Sign Sends a redstone pulse when right clicked
Zauber Cauldron Allows for the creation of magical items such as stronger potions and enhanced armour

Modified Blocks

Gamemode 4 adds functionality to pre-existing Minecraft blocks.

Datapack Block Change
Better Fire Fire Flame arrows will set fire to the block they land on
Better Slime Blocks Slime Block Players will progressively jump higher when repeatedly jumping on slime blocks
Desire Lines Dirt Players will occasionally convert grass into dirt
Desire Lines Coarse Dirt Players will occasionally convert dirt into coarse dirt
Note Block Interface Note Block Note blocks will show their note when clicked by a player and

can be tuned in reverse by crouching while tuning the note block

Shroomites Mycelium Mycelium can be created by Shroomites and spread onto other blocks,

such as stone and gravel, through this process

Speed Paths Grass Path Grass paths will give speed I to players if they do not already have the speed effect
Sunken Treasure Sand Sand can produce treasure items when mined with fortune deep underwater
Vertical Rails Ladder Minecarts can travel up ladders when riding into a ladder from a rail
XP Storage Ender Chest When standing on an ender chest, a player's XP will be stored

When standing under an ender chest, a player can withdraw stored XP

Ziprails Tripwire Tripwire acts as cables that minecarts can travel on if attached by a tripwire hook
Ziprails Tripwire Hook Tripwire hooks act as a cable hook which allows minecarts to ride from a rail onto a tripwire

Additional Blocks

Gamemode 4 adds some new blocks with unique properties.

Block Change
Chair A sit-able chair can be created by dropping a saddle onto a stair
Shroomite Shroomites can shed from Mooshrooms and produce spores to create and spread mycelium