Block Compressors

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Block Compressors
Block compressors.png
Module TypeReliant
Created bySparks
Last Updated bySunderB
Required ModulesCustom Crafters
Compatible MC Versions1.12

This module allows you to compress and decompress any stackable item or block by *16 or *64.



Insert the recipe below into a Custom Crafter to upgrade it into a Block Compressor. The GUI of a Block Compressor is used as an interface to change the settings.

Block compressor creation.png

Compressing and Decompressing

A Block Compressor has 3 modes. It can compress *16, compress *64, or decompress. To set compression, place a stack of either 16 or 64 items (of any type) into the middle slot of the Block Compressor GUI. To set decompression, place a single item (of any type) into the middle slot of the GUI.

If compression is set, throw a stack of either 16, or 64 (depending on the mode) on the top of the Block Compressor. If decompression is set, throw a single compressed item on the top of the Block Compressor.


Compressors are unable to compress items with custom data, such as lore or skull texture data, without destroying said data. This bug is due to limitations in minecraft commands and nbt editing. Lores and enchantments are not saved through compression either.

Learn More and Download

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Date Version Change
03 Feb 2016 2.0 Released Block Compressors
10 Jun 2017 2.1 Updated for 1.11
10 Jun 2017 2.2 Updated for 1.12