Better Armour Stands

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Better Armour Stands
Better armour stands.png
Module TypeStand Alone/Base
Created bySparks
Last Updated bySpecialBuilder32 and Misode
Complementary ModulesParticles Pack, Poses Pack
Compatible MC Versions1.15

This module allows much more modification of armour stands.


To modify an armour stand, write one of the codes in a book and quill, and throw it at the armour stand's feet. Multiple codes can modify the armour stand at the same time, as long as each code is written on a separate page of the book and quill. If a page has extra text other than an acceptable code, that page will be ignored.

Giving an armour stand arms and no base.


Use the following codes for the corresponding effect

Code Description
default Resets the armour stand to the original look
no gravity Allows the armour stand to float
gravity Causes the armour stand to fall like normal
arms Gives the armour stand arms
no arms Removes the armour stand's arms
small Makes the armour stand smaller
tall Resets the armour stand's height to default
no base Removes the stone base plate
base Adds the stone base plate
turn left Makes the armour stand rotate clockwise
turn right Makes the armour stand rotate counter-clockwise
no turn Stops the armour stand from rotating
invisible Makes the armour stand invisible
visible Makes the armour stand visible


Advancement Description Requirement
Gettin' Handsy Give an armor stand arms. Throw a book and quill with the code "arms" onto an armour stand

Expansion Packs

Expansion packs for this module add new effects to armour stands.

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Version Date Change
1.8 08 Apr 2015 Released Better Armour Stands
1.9-1.10 30 May 2016 Updated for 1.9
Uses book and quill for codes now
Added "Gettin' Handsy" achievement
1.12 11 Jul 2018 Updated for 1.12 command format
1.13 19 Nov 2018 Updated for 1.13 data packs
04 Apr 2019 Added "invisible" and "visible" tags
1.14 30 Apr 2019 Changed "invisible" and "visible" commands to apply to ALL armour

stands in the same block as the book instead of only the closest

1.15 12 Dec 2019 Updated for 1.15 base module

Previous Versions

MC 1.8 Version

The MC 1.8 Version did not have achievements. Additionally, to add arms to an armour stand, 2 sticks would be thrown at the armour stand. The sticks would disappear and the armour stand would gain arms. Throwing a pair of shears at an armour stand would cause it to become small. The shears will not be consumed or damaged. The book and quill feature was not in this version.

MC 1.9-1.12 Version

In the MC 1.9-1.12 versions, the advancements were actually a simulated achievement, using tellraw to show the message. This has been transferred to advancements upon the release of the 1.13 version. The "invisible" and "visible" tags were not implemented in this version.

Hermitcraft Version

In the Hermitcraft version, modified armour stands had to be crafted with a custom crafter.