Bat Grenades

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Bat Grenades
Bat grenades.png
Module TypeStand Alone
Created bySparks
Compatible MC Versions1.8+

This module causes bats to explode when a player gets too close, spicing up caving and giving bats a purpose.

Features[edit | edit source]

Player being killed by an exploding bat

If a player approaches a bat, the bat will begin to squeak loudly as a warning. If the player moves closer, the bat explodes, breaking blocks, hurting the player, and killing the bat. The explosion is less powerful than a creeper's, and does little damage to the player and surrounding blocks. When killed, bats will drop 1-3 gunpowder, and has a chance to drop bat leather.

Bat Leather[edit | edit source]

Bat Leather is a new item dropped from bats. It can be used in any crafting recipe as a substitute for Rabbit Hide.

Technical Details[edit | edit source]

The bat will start squeaking when a player is within a seven-block radius. The explosion created by the bat triggers when a player is within a three-block radius, and is around 1/3 as powerful as a creeper. Minimal damage is caused to blocks and players. The chance for a bat to drop bat leather is 1/6.

Advancements[edit | edit source]

Advancement Description Requirement
Batboozled Get blown up by a Bat Grenade Get killed by an exploding bat

Learn More and Download[edit | edit source]

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History[edit | edit source]

Version Date Change
1.8 21 Feb 2014 Released Bat Grenades
28 Mar 2015 Fixed death message to say "...was killed by exploding bat" instead of "...was killed by creeper"
1.9-1.10 13 Jan 2016 Bats no longer explode for players in creative or spectator
Players now have to be closer to the bat to cause an explosion (3 blocks instead of 5)
13 Jan 2016 Playsound format updated due to a change in MC Snapshot 16w02a
17 Jan 2016 Fixed issue with squeak playsound in SMP worlds
04 Jun 2016 Added "Batboozled" achievement[note 1]
Fixed playsound so it originates from the bat not the player
Win 0.16.1[note 2] 25 Oct 2016 Created module for Win 10 Beta
1.13 19 Nov 2018 Added loot table for bat
1.14 30 Apr 2019 Removed Bat Droppings from bat loot table
1.15 15 Apr 2020 Changed death message to translate to "Bat" based on the selected language

Previous Versions[edit | edit source]

MC 1.8-1.12 Version[edit | edit source]

In the 1.8-1.12 versions, bats would explode at a radius of 5 blocks of the player rather than 3 blocks. Additionally, bats would explode when near players in creative or spectator mode as well. Additionally, killed bats would not drop any items in this version.

MC 1.13 Versions[edit | edit source]

In the 1.13 version, bat would drop bat droppings, which could be used in any recipe as a substitute for phantom membrane. Bats had a 1/8 chance to drop bat droppings if killed by a player.

Windows 10 Beta 0.16.1 Version[edit | edit source]

Using behaviour packs, Bat Grenades has been remade for Windows 10/Pocket Edition platforms. Bats behave about the same as in the Java edition except they do not explode if there is a wall between them and the player, and they drop gunpowder using a Creeper loot table (0-3 gunpowder without looting).

Notes[edit source]

  1. now advancements
  2. Not a Java Edition module. The module was recreated for Windows 10 Edition Beta 0.16.1.